Notus EPIC™ Care in Sports Medicine  

Professional athletes use Notus EPIC™ Care at our premier location Cognitive FX located in Provo, Utah

Notus now integrates its trademarked fMRI exam, Notus NeuroCogs™, into a complete cognitive improvement program called EPIC™ (Enhanced Performance in Cognition) Care. Notus EPIC™ Care incorporates the very latest cognitive rehabilitation methodologies used to assess complex injuries and provide targeted rehabilitation plans. Professional athletes from several sports leagues including the NFL, NHL, and US Olympic winter sports are benefiting from Notus EPIC™ Care, obtaining measurably significant cognitive improvements in accelerated time.

Notus EPIC™ Care addresses the epidemic of concussions in sports and everyday life

Concussions and head injuries from sports are under intense scrutiny from health officials and government leaders all over the world. There has long been a need for tools more capable of measuring the cognitive state of the brain both pre and post injury.

“When we talk about concussion and mild traumatic brain injury, the ‘mild’ only refers to someone being very unlikely to die… But the consequences can be much more severe, with chronic problems — physical, emotional and cognitive issues.”
Dr. Steven Flanagan, professor of rehabilitation medicine and chairman of NYU Langone Medical Center’s Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. See reference in related sports injury abcnews press article here.

Notus EPIC™ Care assists with:

  • Determining True Extent of Injury
  • “Return to Play” Assessment
  • Developing and Monitoring a rehabilitation plan
  • Preventing Second Impact Syndrome
  • Examining Chronic or Persistent PCS Symptoms
  • Investigating Escalating Symptoms
  • Questions of Symptom Magnification
  • Notus Normative Data allows fMRI for use even without a baseline

Notus Provides Better Answers

Notus tools provide a far more comprehensive evaluation of brain function than paper-and-pencil or computer-based evaluations and enable physicians to identify specific cognitive areas of impairment, target them for treatment, and then measure how the areas have improved over time and throughout treatment!

Notus fMRI tools allow physicians to get the answers that were unavailable by previous technology.  For example:

  1. Patients can often obtain a “passing” score on a computer or pencil-and-paper-based neurocognitive assessment test and yet still have serious cognitive injuries that are undetected.  This is because other areas of the brain can compensate for impaired areas, giving an overall “passing” performance.
  2. Traditional MRI scanning also commonly fails to disclose injury, often producing structural images of the brain that appear quite “normal” where in fact serious damage exists.

These types of false negative results will not occur under the penetrating examination of the Notus NeuroCogs™ test battery because NNI’s fMRI tools, in conjunction with the Notus Reference Range, obtains normative results of brain function in distinct areas of the brain.

Examples of Notus NeuroCogs™ in action for sports injury:

Press release from Intermountain Healthcare about Notus NeuroCogs™ in sports injury.

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