fMRI Insurance Reimbursement  

Notus Neurocogs™ makes insurance reimbursement easy on you, with best practice protocols and documentation built in to the test procedures and test reports, taking care of the “thinking” so you don’t have to.

Two AMA cpt billing codes have been released in 2007 and are used in conjunction with Notus NeuroCogs™ fMRI testing.

Code 70555: MRI, brain, fMRI; requiring physician or psychologist administration.

          to always be reported with

Code 96020: neurofunctional testing selection and administration during noninvasive imaging functional brain mapping, with test administered entirely by a physician or psychologist, with review of test results and report.
Read more about fMRI billing codes from the journal of Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology.     READ MORE —>


Notus Neurocogs™ makes insurance reimbursement easy on you, with evidence-based best practice built into every Notus offering. From protocols, to documentation, to the actual test procedures and test reports themselves, Notus NeuroCogs™ takes care of the “thinking” so you don’t have to and makes the following list of included components something you can enjoy, but not have to worry about:

  • Standardized MRI technician training program
  • Tech reference resources
  • Uniform patient instructions and training
  • Online Patient prep resources (coming soon)
  • Standardized patient instruction and practice materials
  • uniform patient debriefing (standard debrief form)
  • in-scanner patient communication protocol
  • uniform patient response collection
  • compliance monitoring
  • effective methods for malingering/effort detection
  • effective head motion prevention protocols
  • Thorough image quality and data stability testing with installation
  • Regular follow-up data quality assessments

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