Notus NeuroCogs™ unlocks fMRI  

Notus is unlike any other fMRI provider, providing tools that make fMRI data actually meaningful and useful. The essence of NNI technology lies in the Notus NeuroCogs™ test battery and its corresponding normative database, which includes six fMRI assessment tests available in both English and Spanish and specially designed for ease of administration in a standard MRI environment. Notus NeuroCogs™ is administered by fMRI-trained clinicians and takes about 45 minutes (comparable to a typical MRI). If a patient is fit for an MRI, they are also fit for an fMRI.

Notus NeuroCogs™ covers an extensive scope of cognitive functions, enabling patients to exercise key functional areas of their brains in a way that produces measurable results.

In addition, Notus NeuroCogs™ protocols have undergone rigorous scientific review by respected scientists in independent, tier-1, peer-reviewed scientific journals.


  • f-MRT™ : Matrix Reasoning Test – Assesses abstract problem-solving ability
  • f-TMT™ : Trail Making Test – Assesses cognitive shifting, processing speed, attention, sequencing, mental flexibility, and visual search
  • f-PNT™ : Picture Naming Test – Assesses object recognition and language production
  • f-FMT™ : Face Memory Test – Assesses long-term memory
  • f-VMT™ : Verbal Memory Test – Assesses short-term verbal memory
  • f-VFT™ : Verbal Fluency Test – Assesses a broad range of executive and linguistic functions

NNI compiles testing data and compares it to normative statistics (similar to other comparative lab tests such as a Blood Panel, a Body Mass Index, or a Toxicology Screen). NNI then returns to physicians detailed, yet easy to understand reports, which are linked to the specific problems the physician is investigating. Armed with this information, physicians are better able to target specific areas of impairment, focus treatment or therapy efforts, and evaluate treatment or drug prescription effectiveness. And just as importantly, patients receive answers and information about their conditions unavailable elsewhere.

The 6 fMRI tests included in Notus NeuroCogs™ cover a comprehensive scope of cognitive functions Notus NeuroCogs™ is administered in about 45 minutes, the same as a standard MRI NNI returns comprehensive results to physicians in convenient reports, which are designed to facilitate clear communication of the results to patients


NNI Database Unlocks the Power of fMRI

To fully unlock the power of fMRI, NNI spent over 5 years compiling a reference range for Notus NeuroCogs™.

This normative database acts as a statistical baseline for individual patient data to be compared with. A standard fMRI with no “normal” references would do little to benefit a patient or a physician treating a patient because it would not allow any meaningful interpretation. For a simple example: In a similar way to the Body Mass Index, Blood Panel, or a Toxicology Screen, individual data would be meaningless without a quantitative characterization of the healthy population.


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