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    Notus Neuropsychological Imaging (Notus) is proud to announce its expansion of services to Asia with the establishment of Notus Neuropsychological Imaging (Asia Pacific) in Singapore.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (June 1, 2014) – Notus will extend the availability of Notus NeuroCogs™, a clinically validated fMRI solution, by partnering with the best in class of hospitals and specialist centers in major cities in Asia through Notus Neuropsychological Imaging (Asia Pacific), its newly opened representative office.

Notus has been in the news lately with its exciting partnership with Tom Brady and his TB12 Sports Therapy Center at Patriot Place in Foxboro, Massachusetts. At TB12, Notus is now the exclusive provider of Notus NeuroCogs™ and concussion care for a dynamic user base that includes prominent athletes from professional sports leagues like the NFL and NHL, athletes in all intercollegiate sports in the NCAA, as well as the general public. Notus has brought the Tom Brady partnership to its headquarters in Provo, Utah and has opened a TB12 Sports Therapy Center there as well.

Dr. Alina Fong, co-founder of Notus and Director of Concussion Treatment at TB12, believes that with the setting up of Notus Asia Pacific, our technology will provide state of the art services to this population that was not previously available. As our imaging is useful in almost every realm of cognitive and neural impairment, the scope of our procedure is vast. This technology can not only aid in diagnosis, but can also fine-tune treatment, making recovery faster and more efficient.

Notus Asia Pacific is responsible for introducing Notus NeuroCogs™ to Asia and will be the primary contact point for physicians and other interested parties in Asia to learn more about Notus NeuroCogs™ and how it can be used in their practice.

Notus Asia Pacific will seek out partners who are best in class hospitals and specialist centers in major cities to expedite this process. The cities identified include, but are not limited to, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, Delhi and Mumbai.

Notus Asia Pacific is headed by Robert Kee. Robert has been in the medical devices industry in Asia Pacific for the last 30 years. Robert was with HP, Agilent and Philips in the Patient Monitoring, Imaging and Healthcare System where he has managed relationships with many customers and distributors. Just before taking on the role of Executive Director at Notus Asia Pacific, Robert was the Director of the Worldwide Global Services at Waters for the Asia Pacific region where he introduced the Customer Interaction Tracking system and Customer Success teams to enhance customer satisfaction and grew the business with double growth yearly.

The Notus mission is to develop standardized fMRI procedures and tools in an accessible format so that the benefits of fMRI can be enjoyed by more people. With Notus NeuroCogs™, brain function assessments are readily available for everyone in practices as diverse as neurology, sports medicine, and general practice.

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