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Now that fMRI has been in clinical use for over 5 years, the demand for its capabilities is growing. Aside from standard clinical use in brain functional assessment, demand has grown in other areas such as forensics (for determining injury and also measuring a healthy state of mind) and sports medicine (for assisting in concussion therapy). Notus offers an fMRI installation unlike any other, complete with imaging tools that provide more application for cognitive assessment than can be found anywhere else.


For many years, fMRI has been limited to the upper echelon of scientific researchers. With the advent of new fMRI CPT billing codes released by the AMA in 2007, the way has been opened for physicians of every kind to benefit from the use fMRI. Notus makes it possible for your hospital or imaging center to join the growing list of health service providers who incorporate the latest technology of fMRI into their patient care! Notus NeuroCogs™ is affordable and packed with support to make fMRI services uncomplicated for you and your customers, from implementation all the way to insurance reimbursement.

Notus professionals will not only install hardware and software at your location, but will also support you all along the way in your efforts to promote your new line of service. Here are some of the elements of Notus support that make it easy for you to become a dependable fMRI provider: 
Notus Support Includes:

  • training your personnel in the proper use of fMRI as well as providing online training and informational resources available at any time for your MRI techs and physicians
  • educating your billing department on fMRI insurance reimbursement procedures. (Notus NeuroCogs™ was designed and developed with integrated evidence-based best practices to make insurance reimbursement easy on you).
  • working with your marketing team to spread the word about your fMRI capabilities through press releases, online support and marketing, and printed marketing materials
  • full phone support included for the term of license

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